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Omni channel Personalized communications

Convert process from Single Channel to Omni-Channel Personalized Communications with your customers.

Future high-revenue companies have to focus on the customer. Digital and Direct Marketing strategies can no longer be successful without strategic planning. Planning to wisely spend your marketing dollars aligns technology solutions with your marketing goals. A customer who is At-Risk should not be treated as an Active Customer or a Lost Customer. Data Insights Matter helps organizations properly segment for successful personalized omni-channel communications with customers. All are measurable and compared to control groups; resulting in positive ROI, time after time.

Campaign Execution: Personas / Personalization


When all of your customer data in one place, you can view and measure every interaction, and gain insight into customer behavior. You can spot similarities among buyers and identify trends, equipping you to develop new personas and target your messaging in more meaningful and effective ways. Backed by RDA, our experience marketing approach encompasses all customer touch points. Whether you’re delivering an experience via web, email, mobile app, social media, print, or e-commerce, you can manage your presence in one place.

Data Insights Matters will guide you through:

  • Persona development
  • Buyer journey analysis
  • Implementation and management of customer listening systems
  • Personalization and engagement automation
  • Next-best-offer predictive analytics
  • Loyalty and reward programs
  • Measurement against KPIs

Multi-Channel Personalized Communications Ties to your Loyalty Program

Integrated Marketing Communication capitalizing on the Multi-Channel Life to Create a Competitive Advantage

  • Cohesive communications should be based on product affinity
  • Offers should be based on customer Lifetime Value, Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value
  • Brand Loyalty exists when customers experience is integrated, where customers are recognized, valued, and rewarded for their loyalty


Direct Mail is measurable against control groups. Why should you consider direct mail in your marketing strategies?

  • Proven ROIs through our experience of $15+ for every $1 spent.
  • Higher open rates and retention rates than any other channel
  • Direct Mail is opened and kept by customers; emails may end up in the junk folder and/or ignored by customers because their box is full.
  • Simply put, Direct Mail should be included in your multi-channel personalized communications plan.

Not every mailer needs to have an offer or discount. A simple appreciation note, a birthday card, or personalized letter (signed by regional managers or above), develops unforgettable relationships that trigger loyalty.

Our partnership with two of the top printing companies in the country, delivers professional, cohesive communications via print.

Let’s discuss how DIM is your complete solution: From marketing automation, including direct marketing, digital marketing, analytics, support and training, to leveraging learnings from each campaign, we can help you all the way through success.

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