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Enhance each customer interaction by providing the opportunity to recognize and reward your loyal customers. Introduce digital coupons, personalized offers via multi-channel communications for a more connected customer experience. With the right tools in place, marketing is more relevant, more personalized, and ultimately, more effective.

Data Insights Matters partners with various vendors to accelerate B2B and B2C eCommerce

B2B eCommerce requires back-end systems to be integrated with your eCommerce solution to support discounting, contracting, globalization and logistic issues. This is where our partners shine. Data Insights Matters shines in converting all of your customer data into logical, strategical, marketing campaigns and analytics. With decades of industry experience working with enterprise-level solutions, our team is intimately familiar with business applications and processes, and know how to make them work together. Our solutions empower you to deliver targeted content and collect the analytics you need to drive revenue.

We can help you with:

  • Accelerated deployment (including prebuilt store fronts, plug-ins for tax, shipping, and payment, and prebuilt integration layers)
  • Product catalogs, approval and budgeting workflows, order management and quoting
  • PunchOut and procurement process automation
  • Online store design and development
  • Mobile commerce
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, PIM, social listening and more

Accelerate B2C eCommerce: Custom Solutions Based on Your Needs

In today’s personalized communications and eCommerce interactions with customers, expectations are high. You need systems that can dynamically respond to the unique actions of every individual. Having a cart on your site isn’t enough. Your need to offer excellent customer experience throughout every touch point; recognizing and rewarding customers, depending on their value.

Delivering the right content to the customer when and how they want it is the expectation today. Companies that get it right have a deep understanding of their customers, and have the tools they need to deliver personalized, connected experiences.

Let’s talk about how marketing technology can deliver exceptional customer experience in store, online and via all channels. Don’t forget to always recognize and reward them for their loyalty. Connected experiences for your customers result in revenue for your company.

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