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In today’s economy, companies must know their customers and have a deep understanding of their behaviors across all channels. Our custom solutions and expertise leverage the information available to you for more effective marketing and greater return on your investment.

There are many tools and solutions in market to deliver your expectations. However, one design does not fit all. Our services respond to your specific needs. We bring all data silos and solutions together to identify your top spenders, their behavior across channels and how to find more of them. Tools out of the box do not deliver these results. Our team of experts can design simple solutions or complex custom designs to deliver exactly what you need. Responsive sites adapt digital content on the fly to best suit the user’s screen—no matter what its size. With more and more people working remotely and accessing content on the go, responsive site design is a critical part of delivering an optimum user experience, no matter how customers choose to connect.

CMS Implementation:

Content management is integral to a modern digital marketing program, and it’s a big part of the experience marketing process. By the time you’ve landed here, however, you probably already understand this concept and may be applying it on some level within your organization.

A robust content management system (CMS) puts control of content deployment where it should be: squarely in the hands of your marketing team. And when your CMS is integrated with your CRM, ERP, and eCommerce systems, you can develop and distribute the more relevant, effective and personalized content customers are coming to expect.


We can:

  • Evaluate and select the right CMS for you—from fundamental to feature rich
  • Implement software to support your responsive design
  • Implement software components to support your email campaign and printing needs
  • Implement software to support personas and personalization
  • Implement A/B and N-Variant testing
  • Migrate existing content
  • Train your marketing and IT teams to succeed with new tools in place

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